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Life is good...

The Rantings & Ravings of a Grey's Addict

18 November
I love TV, could not live without Grey's Anatomy, that is my current obsession...well was, but I still love to watch it. My new favorites are Glee, Castle and The Good Wife.
Callie is my girl... I love everything about her character. What would I do without my DVR,
I am spoiled by it, so let's not find out. I love Grey's FanFic and if I read yours watch out
because i get wrapped up in them and love to comment.

I am also A Broadway Junkie... you can find me in NYC seeing the newest musicals on broadway or just old one that I love so much. My favorites right now are In the Heights and Wicked.

I am very easy going. If you friend me and have things in common I will more then likely friend you back.


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